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About Us

California Custom Creations creates unique, hand made kitchen decor, corporate gifts and Cooling neck ties for women, men and animals. Started in 2009, we're a small, women owned business located in San Diego’s North County city of Encinitas.

We are passionate about sewing and creating beautiful, eco-friendly, and unique handmade kitchen decor that captures your mood and personality.

Our goal is to serve the community of clients who value the fact that our items are not produced in assembly line fashion or farmed out to other entities as a cost cutting measure. Proudly made in the USA.

custom-kitchen-decors-sm.pngLisa’s story: “As a girl of 5, I received hand made dolls from my Mom and Grandma as gifts. I loved these dolls so much, I became inspired to create clothes for them. By watching my Mom and Grandma sew, I began making the clothes, thus beginning a lifetime hobby-turned-career.

After graduating from college with a Graphic Design Degree, I followed that career until 10 years ago when I decided to pursue my lifelong passion and began to sew full time as a career. I have had a successful custom draper, bedding, pillow and cushion business working on referrals and loving it! Three years ago, I discovered my darling neighbor, Jan, also had a passion for sewing, and we formed California Custom Creations.

Send Lisa an email at lisa@california-custom-creations.com.

Jan’s story: “It’s always been more important to me to be able to afford a horse than to have the latest fashion. While in high school and into college, I taught myself how to sew and made all my own clothes in order to save money.

After college, I was fortunate enough to land a job at a research center in San Diego, which proved to be the first step in a very successful civilian career working for the Department of the Navy. During my government career, I earned my MBA and put the principles I’ve learned to good use when serving our customers. Working with Lisa is great fun and allows my creative side to come out.”

Send an e-mail to Jan at jan@california-custom-creations.com.

The two of us enjoy working outside the mainstream corporate world.


We look forward to serving you and creating high quality, custom made table linens, aprons, placemats, hot pads, napkins, wine accessories and body cooling ties made to your specifications.